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I thought I’d take the opportunity today to talk about a movie that was filmed right here in Windsor and Essex County, and what it was like to take-part in the experience. “The Birder” is a revenge comedy that discusses birding in Pelee Regional Park and the troubles that arise when Ron Spencer (Tom Cavanagh) loses his job to the ‘new guy’ Floyd Hawkins (Jamie Spilchuk). The movie was directed by Theodore Bezaire, written by Theodore Bezaire & Mike Stasko and produced by Gerry LattmannJeff NadalinRoy Collavino, it was my pleasure to work with some of these great men, on set in 2012.

On set, the day we filmed my scene!

After auditions were held in the hot summer of 2012 the cast was chosen. I was cast as Alexis, and had a speaking role, but would be able to be an extra within the movie along with many of my friends and family members. My experience on set was great, even though it was a hot summer day with no air conditioning the crew was happy and excited to be working. The extras were all excited as well, getting to see real movie cameras and be behind all the action. It was a chance to see how much work really goes into a movie. And after only 18 days of filming the wait was on, the movie would be in production for two years!

The Red Carpet!



Finally, the red carpet premier was happening, and it was going to be a fun, press filmed event with the first screening of the movie! My parents and I dressed up and went to the event. There were cameras, real birds, and lots of people! We were invited to walk along the red carpet, take pictures, be interviewed by CBC and CTV, before going into the theatre to watch the movie!


My parents and I on the red carpet!


To watch my interview, head here, my interview happens at 1:20.30 of the CBC live coverage.

After the red carpet premiere, The Birder released that they would be performing several showings at two local theaters. It was going to be the community’s opportunity to see the movie on the big screen. I was able to attend one of the first showings at Lakeshore Cinemas.  Next the movie is off to premiere in LA at the ‘LA Comedy Fest.’

Overall, I am so proud of the work done on a movie that was eight years in production. The final product was incredible and beyond anything I could have imagined for our area. I owe many thanks to Ted, Gerry and the rest of the cast and crew. My time working on ‘The Birder’ has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget, and look forward to talking about for years to come.

Outside of the Theatre at Lakeshore Cinemas!

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