Growing up, I was always in awe at the beautiful woman in the grand pageants that were broadcast on my television. Today there are numerous teen pageants out there, but the largest teen competition within Canada is owned by MTC-W Inc. and produced by Michelle Weswaldi. I have dreamed of becoming Miss Teen Canada, and in less than two weeks I am excited to be competing in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. As I prepare to head to Toronto, I have received many questions about the original Miss Teen Canada Pageant that my parents and grandparents remember, in this blog, I hope to answer some of those common questions!

The original Miss Teen Canada Pageant, remembered by many was televised on CTV, and was a personality and beauty competition in Canada for women aged 14 to 17. It was called Miss Teenage Canada for the first three years (1969 to 1971) before being renamed Miss Teen Canada in 1972. It was held in Toronto, Ontario, but unfortunately came to an end after financial concerns in 1990. I recently saw a picture of the first Miss Teenage Canadatitleholder from 1969, in my local A&W (this is because A&W Drive-Ins originally sponsored the event)! 

Nowadays, the pageant that many of my family members recall no longer exists but fortunately there is still an opportunity to be crowned Miss Teenage Canada. Miss Teenage Canada, formerly Miss Teen Canada-World began in 2008, owned by MTC-W Inc. and produced by Michelle Weswaldi is now the largest teen competition in Canada, the first winner was Katie Starke. As the only pageant to hold provincial pageants, with the most delegates competing, my experience in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is sure to be memorable! We will be judged by an excellent panel including Gail McInnes, Matthew Collins, Sarah Fisher, and Windsor’s own Chelsae Durocher, as well as being hosted by Luke Bilyk! There is sure to be plenty of media exposure while I spend my week in Toronto, as well as continuing to support Free the Children, the affiliated charity of MTC-W Inc.

Throughout this experience, I have already seen drastic change within myself. I applied for Miss Teenage Canada because I saw the Facebook page and thought it would be an opportunity to grow and make new friends. The weekend I spent at my provincial pageant taught me so much, I have begun to build my confidence, especially as I continue to present myself in public at events, fundraisers, and parades. One event I am particularly proud of was when I spoke at a Town of Lakeshore Council meeting! Some other events I have participated with include; the MURF Centre Fundraiser, Canada Day Parade, Paws for a Cause Fundraiser, Make A Wish Dinner, etc. I hope as I come closer to leaving for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant to continue raising funds for Free the Children and other local charities!

The 2013 delegates at the Eaton Centre in Toronto!

With only 18 days until the crown is awarded, I think about what I were to do with the title if it were awarded to me. I dream of being Miss Teenage Canada and feel that with the title I would strive to share a message of being confident in your own skin to the youth not only in my area but across the country, this is why MTC-W’s motto hits home for me, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.” Secondly, my platform would hopefully allow me to be present at animal adoptions and to spread a message to animal lovers looking for pets in order to “adopt not shop.” As a whole, I hope to continue to support charity, help others, be accepting, and strive for my goals!

Jillian Martin, Miss Teen Canada-World 2013

I hope this blog has allowed some more insight towards the past and present of the Miss Teen Canada title, as well as some more information about my journey! Make sure to follow me as I continue to prepare for Miss Teenage Canada! And always reach for your goals too!



xoxo Tasha


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